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GIS Manager with Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
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Robb Macleod
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Robb Macleod oversees the GIS activities in the 18 state Great Lakes/Atlantic Region of Ducks Unlimited.  He works closely with the Region’s Conservation Planner and Regional Biologists to perform spatial analaysis for targeting conservation efforts and planning restoration activities.  Mr. Macleod has a background in the classification and accuracy assessment of remotely sensed imagery.  He has classified and assessed the accuracy of over 20 million acres using satellite and airborne multispectral and hyperspectral imagery.  He has also spent a considerable amount of time performing field data collection for the classification of remotely sensed data.  More recently, Mr. Macleod has worked on developing spatial databases for the Great Lakes/Atlantic Regional Office and Internet based Decision Support Systems for conservation planning in the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay watersheds.

Mr. Macleod’s current projects include collaborating with four other non-profit organizations to develop a National Conservation Easement Database ( ), developing a Conservation and Recreation Lands (CARL) database for the Great Lakes ( ) and updating the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) for the Great Lakes ( ).

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