About the Heart of the Rockies Conservation Atlas

The Heart of the Rockies Conservation Atlas is delivering the latest science in climate change adaptation and habitat connectivity to our land trust partners to help identify and validate selection of future conservation targets. Our Science Coordinator is curating a collection of connectivity and climate data at a scale that is useful to on-the-ground practitioners. He is working with university and agency partners to identify, screen, and procure the data. 

This Atlas has a collection of spatial data specific to the conservation planning needs of our land trust partners. It is grouped into themed galleries: Connectivity, Habitat, Climate Change, Working Lands, and Planning.  Thousands of additional datasets are also available to users through this platform.

What can you do?

  • View datasets and add multiple layers of data
  • Upload your own data.
  • Analyze data 
  • Create shapefiles
  • Export map images
  • Download GIS layer packages
  • Create maps with drawings and labels. Customize background maps, colors, transparency, etc.
  • Create working groups and collaborate on projects

For more information about the Heart of the Rockies Conservation Atlas, please contact our staff:

Michael Whitfield, Executive Director     michael@heart-of-rockies.org
Bray Beltrán, Science Coordinator         bray@fvlt.org
JoAnn Grant, Program Associate            joann@heart-of-rockies.org