National Conservation Easement Database (NCED) Version 4, June 2014

Dec 22, 2014
The National Conservation Easement Database (NCED) is a collaborative venture to compile easement records (both spatial and tabular) from land trusts and public agencies throughout the United States in a single, up-to-date, sustainable, GIS compatible, online source. The goal of the NCED is to provide a comprehensive picture of the privately owned conservation easement lands, recognizing their contribution to America's natural heritage, a vibrant economy, and healthy communities. Conservation easements are legal agreements voluntarily entered into between landowners and conservation entities (agencies or land trusts) for the express purpose of protecting certain societal values such as open space or vital wildlife habitats. In some cases landowners transfer "development rights" for direct payment or for federal and state tax benefits.
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NCED Partners: Conservation Biology Institute, The Trust for Public Land, Ducks Unlimited, Defenders of Wildlife and NatureServe
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Ducks Unlimited
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Please note that, by downloading or viewing this data, no right has been created to access lands with conservation easements. Most conservation easements are not open to the public. Entering an area that is not open to the public subjects an individual to possible sanctions for trespass, as determined by the state in which the easement is located. The National Conservation Easement Database (NCED) layer was created using a variety of sources and may contain both location and attribute errors. The NCED database was developed for conservation planning purposes and should not be used for legal purposes. NCED makes no representation or warranty of any kind regarding this material, data and information, including, but not limited to, the accuracy of the material, data and information or its suitability for any purpose. All use of the material, data and information is at the user's sole risk. By using any of this material, data and information, the user agrees that NCED is not responsible for their use of the material, data and information or the results thereof. The NCED is a work in progress. The NCED partners strive to make this database as complete and accurate as possible. Please contact the NCED team at to make corrections or additions to the database. Users who download these data agree to receive email notification from the NCED group partners about updates to the NCED data and any request for feedback on the data and/or information that it contains.
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